What is Moodle?

Moodle is an application for producing powerful web based courses. Intended for offering teachers the most needed instruments for content presentation and learning assessment purposes, it has become well–known amongst teachers around the globe. Moodle is an open–source application, that’s backed up by a big community throughout the world and that at this time serves close to 7 million e–learning websites and over a million academics.

Moodle can be utilized for a primary school web site or perhaps for a huge university student website with many clients. A great many universities use it as a system for conducting web based classes. Moodle boasts a selection of action modules (like community forums, databases and wikis) for creating richly collaborative e–learning communities.

Moodle is a trademark of Martin Dougiamas and is not connected with DAHOO Hosting.

E-School Hosting Services

When you maintain an online course for students, your web site needs to be always available on the www, regardless of how many students are visiting it simultaneously. At DAHOO Hosting you’ll be able to acquire dedicated E-School hosting services with 99.9% service uptime, guaranteed. So whatever takes place, your web site will always be available.

Each of our E-School hosting plans also come with unrestricted disk space, limitless data traffic and limitless MySQL storage. To kick–start your educative web site, we furthermore present you with a totally free domain name registration or domain transfer. Additionally, we shall configure Moodle for your web site the minute you join. For this reason, when you log in within your control panel, you will have your Moodle site already available on the web, awaiting you.

A Point & Click Web Hosting Control Panel

When you run an online course, it’s crucial that you devote as much time as possible on your training course instead of on web site supervision. This is why it’s important to have a control panel that is as easy to use as is feasible – our Web Hosting Control Panel.

Our Web Hosting Control Panel is built atop DAHOO Hosting’s specialized hosting platform and it’s designed to operate with it exclusively. That grants our Web Hosting Control Panel a major advantage in speed, safety and stability over many other control panels. Furthermore, the control panel is filled with tools and bonuses that can help you more efficiently handle your web site. Using our File Manager, Domain Manager, Mailbox Manager, Statistics Manager and Databases Manager you will find out how a laborious task like web site supervision can become something simple and enjoyable.